Thank you for stopping by to learn more about our website acceleration sessions.

THese sessions are vital to jumpstarting your business by making your website work at its full potential. 

This video call session is a 45 minute session between you and the CEO of CWS Connectivity. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A complete website audit – This audit covers everything from design, function, security, flow, graphics, SEO and more. All of these things are vital to your website success and we make sure we cover all of the bases.’
  • You’re taken step by step through the audit so you can see what you’re doing well with and what can be improved.
  • You’ll work with the CEO to create a 3 step action plan to make those changes that will jump start the business.
  • You can ask any questions related to your business, future plans and ideas as well as learn about the many tools we suggest for things like email campaigns, newsletters, payment processors for e-commerce and more.
  • Finally, you can expect full honesty. If your website is in great shape and there are only a couple of things to optimize, he’ll tell you. However; if there are a large amount of issues that are holding you back, he’ll let you know that as well. Remember, its not about feelings here, its about business and how you can make changes that will make all the difference in your business being successful.
  • There’s a bit more to the call and you’ll leave with a great amount of information, but if we listed all of the benefits of setting up the call, you’d be here all day. Instead, lets stop wasting time and lets get you scheduled in to improve your business with a website acceleration call today!



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