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Project Description

Project Brief

When creating a business, its important that your brand speaks for itself. You want your clients to know your brand no matter where its being shown. A great example would be the “Golden Arches”. That’s beautiful brand harmony. We don’t even have to name the business, you know exactly who has golden arches and you’re probably craving a Big Mac right now.

Visual A

Visual B

Conceptual Design Samples

Skills Needed

What goes into brand harmony? Just to be brief…

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 92%
Branding 96%
Multimedia 98%

Initial Concept Planning

In the initial stages we meet and discuss the direction you want to go. We want to know what you want to accomplish, how you want it to feel and the message you want your brand to convey.

Drafts & Revisions

We work until we get it right. We create drafts, make revisions, and edits until you are absolutely 100% satisfied with the result. Afterall, it is your brand.

Final Delivery

Your project is live and its time to blast off your brand like a Space X rocket!

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Strong Brands

You want a strong brand and brand representation that speaks for you.

Excellent Results

With a strong brand, you get excellent results.