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A Bit About Us

We are a local and we are a small business. This means when you have an issue, you will get in touch with someone quickly. No more waiting for days on the large companies to respond to your request only for them to get to you “Eventually”. NO! We respond instantly and work to have your issues resolved in 24hrs or less.

We partner with major tech providers and leverage those relationships to bring savings and effeciency to you. We’ve seen the invoices of 1hr of work or service and you’re hit with an outrageous $200+ bill. Not with CWS Connectivity. If we can fix it quickly, then we wont even charge you for it.

There’s more to us and we would love to talk to with you and see how we can bring our core values of “Heart, Commitment and Your Results” to your small business.

Our Proven Process Produces Results


It’s more than just a simple meeting. We want to get to know our potential clients and build relationships with them. This helps us provide a service that is specifically tailored to your needs.


We create a detailed planed with built in checkpoints. This helps us work efficiently and you always know where we are during our work on your project.


We take the plan and the checkpoints and execute your project with efficiency. If we run into a roadblock, that’s not problem because our team is focused on the solution.


Test, Test and Test again. When we design websites, we test as we go. We make sure that everything is at 100% at every step.


ITS ALIVE!!! Your website or project is alive and has been completed. We hand everything back over to the client and can provide detailed training so that you can easily manage your platform.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

We work with cutting edge technology and always seek to be ahead of the trend. This ensures your project is done efficiently and correctly the first time.


Responsive Web Design

51% of web browsing is done on a mobile device

Mobile Optimized

If your website does not look good on a cellphone, you’re losing up to 50% of your potential clients.

Complete Control and Protection

We implement high security standards to protect you

Security Matters

You wouldn’t believe it, but there are people out there waiting to hack your website. CWS Connectivity implements security standards that protect you and your clients.

Easy To Manage

If you can type a word document, you can edit your site.

Click, Type, Save

Your website will be very easy to manage. You will be able to easily make changes with our designs. We tell our clients, if you can edit a word document or write an email, then you will be able to manage your website.

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